Bronze Cross

What is Bronze Cross?

Bronze Cross is the second required course in the pursuit of becoming a pool or beach lifeguards. In this course students knowledge of first aid emergencies, spinal and victim management is tested and built on. Along with knowledge acquired from the Bronze Medallion course new first aid content about hypothermia, team based CPR and vomit control included in the spinal victim management. Practice in the pool along with the classroom prepares the participants for the formal end of course exam.

Accelerated Learning

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Second Step to Success

This is the second required course in order to become a qualified lifeguard. Take steps towards your career today!

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Be Part of Drowning Prevention

Be a facilitator of safety as a certified Lifesaver. Train life-saving swimming techniques to children in your community!

Pre - Course Requirements

  • 14 years of age or older
  • Bronze Medallion
  • Emergency First Aid and CPR – B

Course Material

  • Canadian Lifesaving Manual
  • Bronze Cross Workbook

Course Components

In order to be successful in the Bronze Cross course participants must attend, participate and complete 100% of the course requirements. Some concepts that will be taught and evaluated are listed below.

  • Physical Skills and Endurance Challenge
  • Primary and Secondary Assessment
  • Two Victim Rescue
  • Treatment of First Aid Emergencies
  • Deep End Spinal Injury Management
  • Spinal Victim Vomit Management
This is the second required course in the pursuit of becoming a lifeguard.

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